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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Golden Voice of Song

she sang a song that moved me

brought me up from the depths of self pity

I need to hear this melody sweet

so gentle an embrace of my being

my roads of distress have become easier

as her song pushes me over the hills

I now travel on slopes of hope

be it only for this one song

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Where Have You Been?

This may come off as poetic and perhaps not.

It's been a moment since my last visit

feeling compelled to post something.

Sometimes it's good to give it a rest,

surely our lives are filled not just with writing.

Where would our experiences come from?

In the meantime I've rediscovered commitment.

And most importantly a renewed vigor to give

Whatever I can to improve the life of others.

Yes we cannot prove this otherwise.

"There is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving."

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"The Dream Killers"

acheived the honor roll
windows now as clear
as the new day dawning.
His path is lit
with bright hopes.
Hopes now dashed
in an instant.
Two by fours fist and feet
repeatedly make impact
on his once promising head.
You guessed it
another child in Chicago
laying senselessly dead.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Those Weren't The Days!

Remember the year 1865 when Blacks finally came alive

when the Civil war ended so others could survive

to see a new day though still far away from the final destination.

Remember 1873 when the Winchester, Springfield, and Colt set people free

The year the first great recession was teaching everyone a lesson

about why we aren’t really free as long as currency rules the day.

Remember 1914 and World War I and every nation grabbed a gun

When wives lost husbands and only a World War Later she loses a son

now she’s the only one wondering where has all the peace gone.

Remember 1965 when a fast mustang and we shall overcome was sang

when a baby was born named Rodney King whose debut in Hollywood

came at a time when we first heard the name. And we thought we'd seen it all.

Remember 1975 when Vietnam and napalm went hand in hand

when hippies and soul brothers stopped slapping five and giving dap

when drugs fell into corporate laps and did a reverse hierarchy.

Remember 2001 and 9 11 when people everywhere stood numb.

Started pointing fingers at strangers saying I’m gonna

get you son and the world was changed forever.

Remember today when you gained a friend named Divya

From India and Leslie from Ghana

while Dyhan from Iran and Bomi from Africa opened thier hearts

to Leah from Spain

and no one remembers the hatred of yesterday.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

First things First

My first crush was

akin to admiring the sun as it rose at day break

My first touch was

as soft as pink petals falling gently on the hillside

My first kiss felt like

purple orchids exploding in bloom

My first romance became

captured still pictures flickering on taste buds

My lastest romance is

always like the first

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sleeper Awake!

One of only two perfect men, only one got it right.

Now leading millions into his father's glorious light.

The path is brilliantly lit getting brighter day by day.

While darkness covers billions who truth gainsay.

Mighty in power sitting on his throne.

One hundred and forty-four thousand says he's not alone.

His beaming eyes yes his own beaming eyes does see,

what's in the hearts of you and me.

Man is diligently making plans to save man.

Trying to achieve what no man has,what no man can.

The perfect one has come to get this done.

It's as certain as the rising sun.

The sun now shines on the path we survivors must take.

When darkness comes it will then be too late.

Can you see the sun setting times are a changing.

Earth's scene under going a rearranging.

Mighty in power as he sits on his glorious throne.

All traces of his enemies soon to be gone.

Sword in his right hand riding to the Great War.

They'll run from his awesome power yet not get far.

The path is bright and it's getting lighter day by day.

Darkness now fills the earth upon who truth gainsay.

The outcome is certain except for who the millions be.

Hearts still determine who yet will be free.

A Perfect Place

I lay in a perfect place

all cuddled up inside you with head resting

on your heart

a constant soothing beat sedates me

and I fall peacefully asleep

staying there for all eternity

at the present seems quite possible

after all I lay in a perfect place